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Book Review: Suckage, by D.T. Neal

Book Review: Suckage, by D.T. Neal
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810BrztL7bLI love, love, LOVE this book!

Whilst a vampire tale, the true heart of the story is about Nate Sharp, the minion of the ages-old vampire Iris Augenblick. Nate’s wry humor, casual confidence, enthusiasm, and earnest nature charmed me in a heartbeat. His recountings of his time with Iris are sincerely and engagingly expressed, and I found myself personally experiencing Nate’s own heartbreak, anger and hope. Additionally, Nate has a pull no punches attitude and a propensity for direct action that I also love.

The other characters in the story are just as compellingly written. Vampires who are warm, humans who are cold and everything in between. No stock characters here. All persons, living or undead in “Suckage” each have genuine and convincingly real personalities. There are characters that I love and a few that I love to hate!

As with all D.T. Neal books, I was immediately sucked into the world of “Suckage.” The pacing of the story is wonderful–a steady pulse of action that becomes more rapid as Nate comes to terms with the reality of his un-life with Iris, and then puts into motion changes that will allow him to be free to live a life on his own terms.

Also appreciated is that “Suckage” is absolutely modern in vibe. Journeys to past times are taken, but this is no period piece. Neal certainly gives the reader enticing details about Iris’ past, as well as her fellow vampires’ histories, but this story takes place in the here and now and I dug that.

What I really love about “Suckage” is this: Love is the lifeblood of this tale. Simply examined, without grand gestures or maudlin contrivances, Neal captures and puts to pen the very spirit of imperfect and blind human love. “Suckage” quietly examines what we as humans will do or not do for love.

And finally, for a novel about the undead, this books absolutely feels ALIVE! It’s warm, active and fleshy. Love & Lust. Jealousy & Anger. Heartbreak & Hope. It doesn’t get more human than that.

Sink your teeth into “Suckage!” You will totally not regret it.

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