vrana2Boldly Bohemian, fearlessly fashionable, Vrana, The Gypsy Witch, takes spellbinding objects and creates handmade, unforgettable, trendsetting treasures for you, Free Spirit. Drawing across the Threads of Time, Vrana makes magic with artisan hands that bind antiquity to modernity.

Dramatically beyond the norm, legendary, extraordinary, Vrana finds the beauty in everything, and binds pattern and color into theatrical mysteries to wear.

Cosmopolitan and wild, passionately conceived, eclectically adorned, Vrana’s pieces are for the woman who stands out in the crowd, luminous in the spotlight—fearless, joyful, trailblazing, mesmerizing.

All the world’s a stage, and you, Free Spirit, are the star of the show. Let Vrana help you dress the part.

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